Onboarding and Offboarding

  • 18 January 2022
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On of the key audit points for us is the JML (Joiner Mover Leaver) process, we need to show that we are secure (e.g. removing AD access on the day of leaving) and we are managing costly licenses effectively.

The Onboarding module is working well, but in order to Offboard people I have had to use clever tricks in Service Catalog items and a number of Automated workflows - it works but as a Global company it is not the slickest of processes. Currently, the least said about the Movers process the better.

How are other people managing and @Freshworks, is there an Offboarding module in the near future?

Steve - IT Service Manager

3 replies

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Hello @steve.calder-macphee. I am right there with you brother! Anxiously awaiting an Offboarding module that works in conjunction with Onboarding. Bumping this in hopes to get some visibility. @sanofar.allahpichai Any news if this is coming?

Take care!

Hi @steve.calder-macphee, just made an account to make this very request. Well said.

Was a little surprised that the onboarding module was so well designed only for there to be no offboarding module. 

@sanofar.allahpichai adding to the cheerful clamour!


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Same here! Desperately need the same functionality as Onboarding into Offboarding.