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  • 15 November 2022
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I want to create a report on all onboarding requests where the Date of Joining is today. I am unable to create such a report as the Date of Joining is a field in the Onboarding Request form and not a field in the ticket form. So seems like there is no option to create a report with Date of Joining as a filter criteria. Any workaround is appreciated.

As a general comment, lately I am finding a lot of shortcomings in the Employee Onboarding module of Freshservice. Lot of simple features are missing.

1 reply

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I was able to achieve the functionality with the following steps.

  1. Date of Joining is a Onboarding form field. I created a new field called Hiring Date in the ticket form and hide the field without any condition.
  2. Created a new workflow to copy the Date of Joining to Hiring Date whenever any Onboarding SR is created or updated.
  3. To implement step 2, I used expression builder in the WF to extract the Date of Joining using the following expression,  date(year('{{ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.cf_date_of_joining_iso}}'),month('{{ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.cf_date_of_joining_iso}}'),day('{{ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.cf_date_of_joining_iso}}'))
  4. In the next step set the Hiring date with value from expression step.
  5. Now as Hiring Date is a normal ticket field, I could create the report with filter criteria as Hiring Date = Today.