Out-of-office Auto-reply from customer gets created as a new Ticket instead of being attached to the existing one.

Is there a solution to this problem? Have created a support-ticket too for this. 


when an agent comments on an existing ticket and the requester has configured an “out-of-office” message. This message creates a new ticket. - creates a huge inconvenience, because when closed, the customer is confused as the issue is still “open” and when they reply, this unnecessary new-ticket is re-opened!! causing more confusion.

Expected behaviour: The reply be sent in the same existing ticket and not a new one.



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Thanks a lot, Sanofar. Have done this configuration. If at all any questions come up I will let you know. But I think so far it has been working quite smooth. Thanks again for your support!

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Hi Nirupama,



This can be easily fixed by adding the ticket ID placeholder in the below format to all the requester email notifications and the agent reply template. The out-of-office email from requesters in response to the automatic notifications sent from Freshservice will then get appended to the existing ticket itself based on the ticket ID in the subject line instead of getting created as a new ticket.


Navigate to Admin - Email Notifications and add the placeholder as shown here: [#{{}}]


Please try and let us know if you have any questions. Cheers!

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Team Freshservice


I too am having this issue. We have the already have the ticket id on all emails coming from Freshdesk but we still have to wade through the auto reply tickets.


As you can see in the screenshot, ticket 2327 was created for 2310.