Pasting a link into the WYSIWYG editor breaks the content in the change requests

  • 20 May 2019
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I have an ongoing issue with the Freshservice WYWIWYG editor, where pasting a link and saving the field contents in the change requests breaks the content.

  1. Create new CR in Chrome on macOS High Sierra
  2. Edit rollout plan
  3. Copy a website link from a Chrome location field using Command + C
  4. Paste the link into the editor field with Command + V
  5. Click Update to save field contents
  6. The link and all content after it is lost

The workaround is to paste content using Command + Shift + V or edit the content outside the WYWIWYG editor.

Looking at the editor source code, it seems to be based on Redactor released in 2012.


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1 reply

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Hi Marko,

We are planning to upgrade the complete platform to Froala editor over the future. 

The present behavior looks strange.. Will have this passed to the Engineering team and get this fixed at the earliest.