Pasting Search term via Contextual Menu does not autocomplete results

  • 6 September 2018
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This is a very minor issue but wanted to report it through the forum in the event anyone else has seen this occur.

Not all of our agents are keyboard jockeys and prefer navigating with their mouse. When they are searching for a ticket number provided to them via external communication needs (Slack, email, etc.), the agent will copy the ticket number, right-click in the Search field in Freshservice, and then choose Paste from the contextual menu. When this occurs, the search results do not autocomplete in the search field.

Typing in a ticket number or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V / Cmd+V will autocomplete the search results properly.

I have been able to replicate the issue in Google Chrome 68 on macOS 10.13 as well as Microsoft Edge 42 on Windows 10. See the attached recording for an example of the issue.

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2 replies

Hi Travis,

Let me convert this to a Support Ticket and have one of our Engineer look into this and get back to you.

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This issue was addresses with the recent search enhancements. Hope you find it helpful.