PCI Compliant

  • 7 February 2015
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Hi I cannot find any security/ data privacy and PCI complaint related document. Can you please show me where I can find them? 

Is FreshService PCI complaint?



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6 replies

I'd like to make a clarification: Freshservice, the product, itself isn't PCI compliant. Our customer data (including payment information), however, is stored on AWS data centers, which are PCI compliant.

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Hi Jon/Nicky, You can save the document to your local drive to view the same. 

Hello there,  I would like to view this document too but can not open it - is there an alternative way to view it?

Hi Jon, are you facing issues opening the attached PDF?

This document does not appear to be available. Is there a newer version?

Hi Chee,

We are PCI compliant. I'm attaching the Freshservice Security document (that specifies the security and privacy practices) here for your reference.

Hope it helps!