Personalized Email Replies Not Working in Outlook, but Works in Other Email Services

  • 28 December 2022
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Having a frustrating issue with the “Use Agent names for Personalized Email Replies ?” option in Freshservice.  We have the option enabled, but when we reply to a user from the ticket, the email the user gets is from the Helpdesk Email address, and isn’t showing the name of the agent.

However, it’s only not working within our corporate email in Exchange/Outlook.  If I send replies to my personal Gmail account, or someone else’s personal Yahoo account, the agent name is shown.

I submitted a ticket to Freshservice support and they said the issue is on our end, and I agree, and I assume there must be some Exchange/Outlook config preventing this feature, but I can’t figure it out.  

Does anyone know what could be preventing this feature from working in our environment?


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3 replies


That is how Microsoft365 works at the moment. If you authenticating with the 365 account in FreshService, it will send out the name of that mailbox to users. I had this problem and ended up having to use the FreshService default email system and forward from our internal mailbox. 

Does anyone know if this is still true with M365 accounts? I’ve been going in circles with a support agent who insists I’m doing something wrong, but can’t tell me what I’m doing wrong or give me a solution since the .eml file shows the agent, but the actual inbox does not. I was trying to avoid using the forwarding since we have to create additional spf records and I heard there can be some limit issues.


Curious if anyone found a solution to this issue yet?  It’s frustrating that the emails come out of Freshservice as a generic account.