Plans for System Administrator Appreciation Day?

  • 18 July 2022
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System Administrator Appreciation Day is on the 29th July

What do you have planned? Please share with others :)

2 replies

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I love this topic and this day! Thanks @manns for asking. I am excited myself to hear from the community about what they intend to do, what they’d like to experience and share with the community on this special day! 

On that note, let me do a tiny reveal of what’s coming up - 

We’re planning to have some fun things happening and coming up on the community (right here) on July 28 & 29, for all our Sysadmins! So look out for them. And we have some ideas for the upcoming months as well - Events (in-person too!), Challenges, Spotlights & Opportunities for all of you. 😁

Once again, thank you SysAdmins across the globe, for everything you do and for making our lives and work so comfortable. 💙

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And I just dropped a little announcement for you all to check out 😉