popup notifications when closing a task, posting a note or forward, etc.

  • 27 December 2022
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those little popups that tell you a task was successfully closed, or a status was successfully updated, or any other change to a ticket, are annoying as heck when they pile up and start to cover navigation buttons or other vital parts of the screen.


Can they be turned off, or relocated, or converted to a status bar message?

3 replies

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you can change what you want turned on and off from the notification settings section. 

Sounds like you have turned on desktop notifications too, you should be able to turn that off if you want?


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Actually, no, I don’t have desktop notifications enabled.

Nor are any of the popups I’m talking about listed as options.

this is what they look like… note how they cover the navigation buttons.



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Yeah, it would be nice if they just had a short dissolve timer on them after they appear.