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  • 18 March 2015
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Hi All jsut wondering if anyone can expalin how to change/Add ticket fields that get displayed in the customer portal page?

I can add fields to tickets in the admin area, but they are not refelected on the portal page?


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3 replies

Hi Christopher Schmid,

Your approach is correct! We have properties for those custom fields that you have created. Make sure you have checked "Displayed to customer" checkbox under "For Customers" category.

- Karthick

Hi Chris,

Did you configure your ticket fields as shown below,

The fields will be displayed to the requesters (and be editable) only when the "Requester can edit" option is checked. When just the "Displayed to requester" option is checked, the field will just be displayed in the ticket details page (assuming that the field is holding a value)

I hope that I have cleared your doubt.




All sorted now.