Priorty increase from low to medium

  • 5 August 2019
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I'm looking for a way that I can set a ticket rule using the ticket Automator.

I want a rule that will increase a ticket from low to medium if the ticket has been left open for 3 or more days. I could not find a way to do this and wondered if anyone has done anything similar?

5 replies

Have you tried Supervisor Rules? Something like this:


Thanks, Greg that has worked!

Have now created the rule as required 

Thanks for the help 

Ryan, one issue here is that this does not currently account for business hours so your weekends might get a little skewed by escalating tickets from Low to Medium if you don't have support hours over the weekend. 

I know somebody had put in a note about that on these forums - they should really allow you to set the hours to be more business hours for those situations.

Hi Jacobi, 

Supervisor rules are set for tickets that usually require calendar-based automations be executed. One of the examples would be setting the status of the tickets to closed after 48 hours from resolution time. 

We understand that time-based automations would be a great feature but when referring to Agent Groups that have different business hours, automation based on calendar hours provide a uniformed solution. However, I will have the technical feasibility of this checked out by our engineering team and get back to you with an update. 

Thanks for using Freshservice! 

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Hi all,

Execution of Supervisor rules based on business hours is something that our product team is currently working upon. We'll keep you posted with further updates once this has been shipped.