Private/Public note switch redesign

  • 23 January 2020
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  • Apprentice
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After a recent update to Freshservice there have been some unfortunate UI design changes. When adding a note to a ticket you have to choose between public or private notes. This used to be a switch but has now been changed to a drop down box selection. Why change it from something easy and fast to something that requires multiple clicks? This is annoying and bad UI design in our opinion. Is it possible to change this back or is it just by-design in the current version?

1 reply

Hi Henrik,

We are in the process of migrating from rails to ember which has resulted in certain UI changes. As a product we are always conscious of user experience and comfort and we have tried to to keep the changes as minimal as possible thus far, however, in this case a change was necessary. I do apologize for the change in user experience, however, I’m afraid at present we will not be able to revert to the old interface.

Best Regards,

Team Freshservice