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  • 3 April 2015
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Trying to update a Change ticket through the api, but if I try to update a custom field, I'm just getting a 500 error (as someone else mentioned, more error info would be a huge help - "It Is Broken" is useless).

If I do a PUT request, but not include the custom fields, it works fine:

curl -u <myaccessID>:nopass -H "Content-Type: tion/json" -X PUT -d '{"itil_change":{"subject":"test only - please ignore!!!!"}}'

But if I include the custom fields, I get the 500 error:

curl -u <myaccessID>:nopass -H "Content-Type: tion/json" -X PUT -d '{"itil_change":{"subject":"test only - please ignore!!!!","custom_field_values":{"tfs_backlog_link_6513":""}}}'


(Yes, I emailed support, but figured I'd try here too)


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4 replies

Hi John,

Can you try using "custom_field_attributes" instead of "custom_field_values" in the API call?


Yes, I did figure out that to UPDATE and add a custom field value, I need to use custom_field_attributes, NOT custom_field_values.

Why are they two different keys - custom_field_values in the result for a GET, and custom_field_attributes for a PUT? That makes no sense!

Hi John,

Yes it is very confusing to have 2 different keys in the API. We will be fixing this in a couple of weeks time and making sure that the keys in the GET response and in the PUT request match. I'll keep you updated.

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Hi John,

We have updated the API documentation to include custom_field_attributes. We are sorry for not notifying earlier on this update.

Please write to for further assistance.