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We are starting to work with Freshservice and we are starting with the Projects part.

We are starting to add task lists, with their tasks, indicating times for each one. The first problem we see is that the Gannt chart display is only for days. Our first project is a weekend, so we need to "zoom" in order to see the detail of the tasks. Some last half an hour and in the diagram they occupy a full day.

Another issue that we don't know how to do is that the task lists are displayed in the order that they were added. We don't know how to reorder them. Is this possible to do?


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Now the forum recommends this thread:


Where I see that it is not possible to reorder.
And do you know if zooming is possible?

Hi Mgfeal,

At the moment, we do not support plotting gantt charts on the basis of the exact time entered. We mainly take into consideration the date of the task and plot it accordingly. Zooming into the Gantt chart is not possible via a control within project management. You can zoom into the browser though, if it helps.


Tasks can be re-ordered only in the “Tasks” section via the Sort option. Manually re-ordering tasks is something that’s not possible right now but we have it on our roadmap.