Question about Managed Assets

  • 24 August 2016
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We are looking into FreshService for helpdesk and also asset management.  If we were to import our assets into FreshService but not use the agent or discovery probe would these still be considered "Managed Assets" and subject to being charged for them.  The KB article I found isn't clear what happens if you don't use the discovery probe or agent and import your assets manually.

We have internal software for managing our assets already but would like to import this information into FreshService on a regular basis.  I understand we could negotiate a lower cost for managed assets but I don't like having to pay a fee per month for each asset in teh database.

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1 reply

Hi Mike,

Only the assets that are discovered using the probe/agent will be considered as Managed Assets. So the assets you plan to import into Freshservice manually will not count towards the managed asset count.

Here's some more info on the Pricing of managed assets -