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  • 12 January 2018
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Hi All

I'm doing some work on Software License Management and wondered if anyone has found a way to refresh the report during the day? It still shows data from this morning even though additional contracts and licenses have been added and products have been removed.



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2 replies

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I've contacted support and there's no way around this. Reports are very poorly implemented. In addition to this your charts may be updated with more accurate info but the tables of data below will not. So not only can you NOT get up to date info out of the system, the same report will display conflicting information. 

I know that's no help but at least you can stop wasting time trying to find a solution.

Thanks for letting me know - I'd rather have bad news that stops us wasting our time than no news at all!

The Products and CIs that we have removed still shows as a line in the report (with a '-' in place of the software name) and haven't cleared all week. Not sure how that can be considered useful.