Reject tickets from specified requesters (Blocked Requestors)

  • 8 December 2021
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I’m looking for a way to reject tickets from specified requestors, specifically shared email accounts in our organization. I’m aware that I could do this via automation, but I’ve noticed that under Admin > Requesters I see that there is a category for Blocked requestors. I’m having trouble finding information on what exactly it means for a requester to be blocked, or even how to mark a requester as blocked. Any info or insight would be very much appreciated!


Blocked Requestors category


1 reply

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Hi @Iananderson 

The section for Blocked requesters will list any requesters that are being blocked by Freshservice, Our spam watcher tool monitors the helpdesk activity and if there is any erroneous activity like email looping or consecutive notes added by a same user we will consider that user to be spam and block the requester. In order to achieve a solution for your problem, you can deactivate all the requester emails that you don’t need to be creating tickets.