Remove entire conversation when responding as an agent.

  • 29 April 2015
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Morning, is there a way to remove the entire conversation when replying to a requester? Currently when I reply as an agent in the ticket, the requester receives a very long email with every update ever logged in it, id like to turn that off please.


Is there a way? 

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3 replies

Hi Richard,

When you reply from the ticket, you will see a button "..." (trimmed content icon) at the bottom-left of the reply editor. Click on it and you will see that all the previous replies, note updates stored under this section. If you remove this content when you send a reply, the previous update entries will not be sent to the requester.

Unfortunately this cannot be turned off. I hope this helps.

Ok, thank you. However when a requester replies in the ticket their email doesnt contain the entire conversation which the agent receives? Seems odd it cant be turned off for the other way around.

When a requester replies to a ticket from his portal, it is considered as a Note. This is why we haven't provided the trimmed content option in the reply editor for the requester. We felt that the trimmed content would be required while replying to a ticket rather than while adding a note to a ticket and so we placed it in the agent portal.

The requesters will just be able to add notes from the requester portal (though we have placed the text "Click here to Reply to this ticket" on the ticket's page in the requester portal)