Removing CC on replies still sends to the CC

  • 26 October 2018
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Is there any information anywhere on the behaviours of CC and BCC on tickets. You are given the option to remove an individual user or clear the whole CC box but doing any of these still sends the agents responded to the user you removed/cleared in the CC box. 

To me this is wrong and if you explicitly remove a CC it means you don't want them to receive the response for whatever reason much like an email this could prove very costly and the response should only go to visible addresses on the agent's reply. If the requested then reads the CC then yes it should reappear. 

If this is by design then you should not be able to remove the addresses in the CC box.

Is anyone else aware of this as I've been using Fresh service for 3 years and I was unaware of this?

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3 replies

Hi Dan,

I am moving this topic to the report issues forum. 

If you are removing users from CC, they should not receive any emails from that point on. Can you check if this app is enabled in your helpdesk? ->




I have a ticket open currently as this is still an issue and have been told its already been raised with development. This a major flaw and feel that all users of your service need to be made aware of this as could cause a lot of issues if a reply goes to someone that it shouldn't. Please, can I get a date when this will be fixed?


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Hi Dan,

We have fixed the issue with respect to notifications being sent to people removed from the CC list. Please do let us know if you are still having issues.

Thanks again for your patience