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I can see in the "Helpdesk At A Glance" report that it shows the number of reopened tickets but I am curious if there is a way I can see which tickets specifically were reopened? This would be hugely beneficial to us.

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Hi Jeff 

I understand how convenient this can be.

We are in the process of revamping reports to something more customized and drilled.

The new reports will have this feature, in addition to giving you the option to choose the number of re-opens. For example, you can choose to see tickets that were re-opened thrice.

The ETA for this is third quarter of this year.

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Sandhya Sriraman

This request can almost 3 years ago.

Sandhya Sriraman

almost 3 years ago

Can someone update the base on this request?

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Hi Mark,

Sorry for not updating over this thread.

This is very much achievable using our advanced reporting. Analytics supports an in-built report which does help you with the Average reopen count along with the Ticket data with the number of times the tickets have been re-opened. You can also create your own widget to achieve this, please check here for more info.

Hope this helps you achieve that you are looking for.