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  • 19 November 2021
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I am new to Fresh Service and whilst I like the concept I am struggling with a lack of basic functionality (or lack of knowledge). As an example when setting up a test I ran an asset scan on some old kit which worked fine. Now that piece of kit has been removed I am left with 600 legacy pieces of software, unique to that machine that I want to remove. There is no facility to bulk delete software other than going through FS Support who request a list of the software so they can remove it. No facilty to export a lit of software so I jump onto Reporting. Cannot for the life of me find a way to report a list of software items which are not installed on any assets, in fact I cannot even work out how to list the software database.

I appreciate this is a cloud service but what is really letting it down for me is the lack as I said in my first line of basic functionality and over complicated reporting.

We are still in proof of concept and at this stage I cannot justify extending and may be forced to stick with Managengine.

Any tips would be gratefully received as I do not want to throw in the towel just yet.






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Hi Damian,

You can export the softwares from the Software page in Freshservice





The Export icon next to New Software will send you a CSV file with all the softwares along with the installation count of each software, that should possibly help in your case. Let us know if you still have questions on setting up the software database, one of our product consultants can help you further on the same.



Team Freshservice