Reports of "Resolved" Tickets

  • 24 March 2015
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The reporting section will tell the number of "resolved" tickets, but that number includes closed. Since there was a felt need to have both resolved and closed as the type of ticket, I feel that the reporting should either accurately reflect only resolved, or it should indicate that it's both.

We resolve a ticket only when the issue/request is fixed/completed. If it wasn't, but the ticket is no longer needed for any reason, we use closed. It will skew metrics to have the "resolved" number include both closed and resolved tickets.

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8 replies

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Hi Shilpa,

We have recently rolled out an Enhanced reporting feature called Analytics. This supports the customized dashboard and it has more enhancing reporting features. The Sync time is once every 30 mins, we are working on reducing the Sync time in the near future, however, this is available only in Forest & Estate.

Do the reports in Estate or Forest plan the same delay in refresh as in the lower plans?

I ask because I need to get the status incidents on demand. As of now pulling the reports doesn't give me the latest status details but from few hours before.

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We now do support Custom Reports where you can run the report on every status(Closed/Resolved/Pending). We are releasing a new Enhanced reporting feature(Analytics) which covers more features(Dashboard/Interactive Widgets/Reporting on Problem/Changes/Releases) and is available in Estate and Forest plan. 

Please feel free to reach out support for details.

Any updates? 

Is it going to be available soon? (customs report)

we are in December now ;)

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Custom reports for Incidents is in the final stage of testing and we are expecting it to release by the end of November.

We really appreciate your patience on this.

I agree here, that resolved and closed are two separate fields, not a progression of one. A closed ticket can be either resolved or unresolved. We may simply not be able to resolve an issue, but have declined to continue to work on it.


Hi Elizabeth, we're working on providing customized reports in Freshservice. Although I can't provide an ETA yet, I'll keep you posted.