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  • 14 June 2022
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I found an old article about creating multiple tickets from a single service request, in the forum it talks about an workflow automation that can copy all fields from the parent ticket and add a child ticket with an additional field to “Add note to child ticket”. Is this only possible for Agents to do or can Freshservice  allow requesters to submit a ticket through the requester portal and then once that ticket is solved or closed then the requester can copy/duplicate/clone the closed/solved ticket pulling in all of the original ticket information and add a note of what is needed for the new child ticket or allow the requester to just duplicate a closed ticket and all fields from the original ticket are brought in and the requester can just change any fields in the ticket?


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Hello @wsunderland I am not aware of a way for requesters to clone tickets. I built a custom application that allows our agents to clone incident tickets similar to the one you mentioned for service requests. However, there is work being done to allow developers the ability to create custom applications that are available to requesters to use through the support portal. Currently this is in beta for Freshdesk, so it may be some time before it is available for freshservice. This would be a great question to ask here 

Hope this helps!