Requester replying to an email sent from Workflow Automator

  • 21 September 2022
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We are using workflow automators for various tasks such as Employee Onboardings. 1 action within the onboarding workflow we use is to email staff from other departments notifying them of the new starter. For example, an email to the finance dept:

“Hi finance team - here are details of a new user - please add them to the payroll system”

What we have noticed is that if person being notified replies to the email, it creates a new ticket which is undesirable. Usually the response is along the lines of:

“Thank for letting me know - i have added the new guy to payroll”

Is there a clever way to handle this? The recipients of these emails sent from the workflow are not cc’d into the ticket or have any ticket visibility. they just get an email notifying them of the new user details. 

I would be fine with either a new ticket not be creating from these emails (i dont want to block email → creations completely) or somehow merge or add the email to the associated onboarding ticket.

3 replies

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Hello @mythumbsclick make sure that you include the Ticket ID in the subject of the email. Then any replies on that email thread should be added back to the ticket. 

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@mythumbsclick if you can include [# ticket ID placeholder] the replies will be added back, if you have raised support tickets recently with Freshworks support, you would have observed that they are using this string in the subject and automations.

Edit: Has to be in the beginning though


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Thanks for the replies. This doesn't appear to be working for us. Checking my notes from a previous interaction with Fresh Support, the criteria is the following:


  • A1. Ticket ID
  • A2. Message-ID (In email header)

and if the sender's email address is one of the following:

  • B1. Requester's email address
  • B2. ALL Agent's email address
  • B3. Email address(es) in the CC
  • B4. Email address(es) to which the ticket was forwarded

For the email to be appended to the ticket as a reply the conditions are:

(A1 OR A2) AND (B1 OR B2 OR B3 OR B4)


For the B’s section, would you say we are matching B4? does an email sent as an action to another requester count as a forward?

@Jayesh urath - My subject does have the ticket ID but it is not at the beginning. Example below:

New IT User Ticket Logged - {{}} - Finance System Requirements


Do you reckon just chucking the at the beginning will resolve this?