Response SLA

  • 20 September 2021
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We are currently using an automated email system set up so that when a technician assigns a ticket to themselves, it emails the requester a canned response saying that the ticket has been assigned.


Is there any way that I can have FreshService register this as a response for the purposes of the “response SLA”?

3 replies

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I believe the only action that counts as a response is a “Reply” or a “Public Comment”.


On your automation rule, add a action add note and make sure its set to public.  Or you can do the same thing with the email action. I prefer the not action myself. 


That will count as a response and clear the SLA requirement. 

Hey mate,

The automation is pretty basic. It just says “When the “agent” field is set to something from being blank → and it matches a handful of group criteria → email the requester a boilerplate email”.

The other thing would be to find out what actions count as a response.

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Possibly yes,  

An automation rule with a note added to the ticket of “Response SLA”  But I would need a bit more details on your existing automation email.