Running Multiple Workflows on a Single Ticket

  • 18 April 2022
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I have been expieriencing some issues running multiple workflows on a single ticket. Essentially when a ticket is created we have several tasks that needed to be added based on multiple fields being selected on the form. Right now a single workflow would require a lot of duplication. With multiple workflows I wanted to have a the trigger be the same (Service Request is raised) and have the main condition be the same as well (Service Request item is X). Does anyone know anyway to achieve this?


Thank you!


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4 replies

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Hello @jon.mou we have multiple workflows that are triggered on tickets that meet the same requirements, for example “Service request is raised”. However if any of those workflows are dependent on a change that is made to the ticket by a previous workflow then you will need to make sure that you order the workflow automators sequentially. One thing to mindful of is that currently you cannot have a workflow be triggered by another workflow meaning that if, for instance, you change the status of a ticket in workflow A and the trigger for the workflow B is set to go off due to a “Status Change”, workflow B would not get ran on the same ticket as the workflow A. Word on the street is that we should soon have functionality to have workflow A trigger workflow B. So that should help.

I have found it better to build out robust workflow automators even if there is some redundancy. But that may not be beneficial for your use case.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @zachary.king, that helped! I simplified some test workflows to see exactly what was causing the issue and I think I see what it might be. So with two workflows I can have them both trigger with Service request is raised if each one is simply adding a note. Once I added a task to a ticket though it caused the second one to not run. I am assuming that is because it no longer has the status of service request is raised? I guess this leads me to figure out if its possible at this point and what actions on a form constitute a change? 


Update: It turns adding tasks doesn’t trigger a change, but when you create the task using the web request node it doesn’t. Seems like using the web request node to create the tasks in the workflow causes some type of conflict causing another workflow not to activate. 

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Hello @jon.mou it is a game of trial and error at times to make sure the workflows that you have set up do run at the right time. I am glad that you were able to identify how to use the web request node to add the task to the ticket. You can run workflows that trigger multiple actions in sequential order. Can you create the workflow to do both? Add the note and the task?

I think the workflow functionality that is coming soon will solve your issue, so it may be just a waiting game for a more elegant solution.

I am very excited to hear about any potential fixes to the issue with the trigger of these workflows being trial and error when trying to use the same triggers. I have had the same issue!