Scheduled report attachment changed from .xlsx to .xls since 28th July

  • 2 August 2021
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I’m raising this here because I’m not getting much progress with Freshervice Support.

I had a scheduled report, ran once a day which emailed me an excel spreadsheet of all assets of a certain type. I then used this to update a powerBi report. 

Note: I don’t use the analytics API as I need to use custom fields which are not exposed on the API yet.

Anyway, this was running perfectly and produced an attachment in .xlsx format.

Since the run on the 28th July these attachments have been .xls format and won’t open (giving an invalid file format error).

The scheduled report hasn’t changed.
I’ve amended the schedule to include my personal email address as well as my organisation one to rule out any corporate format or security issues and I get the same results on both.


Has anyone else had this or a similar issue?

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Hi Mark,

As per our latest reply on the support ticket we can see from the email headers that the format of the attachments that were sent previously is .xls and not .xlsx. We also have confirmed with our team internally and the format that is sent out on scheduled reports has been .xls even before 28th July. Please do check the suggested steps in the ticket and get back to us if you are still facing issues.