Search or filter software applications using the API

  • 23 October 2022
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Is it possible to get a specific software application (by name) using the api?

The only way this appears possible at the moment is to use the “List All Software” endpoint with the pagination options (“per_page” and “page” parameters) to make repeated calls to the API until all software has been returned, then filter the results client side.

However, this is inefficient, especially when there are 1000s of software records in the Asset database (due to discovery agents/probes).

In the front end, the software list can be filtered by using the “search software” field. This calls an api endpoint -

This can be called in the browser (after logging in to the frontend). But returns 403 (Forbidden) when using the APIK Key authentication

Any ideas?





2 replies

Yeah having same issue as well. We need to pull Contacts that got updated for a particular day and since the API doesn’t allow us to filter on the fly, we have to resort to pulling Everything and frequently getting “Too Many Requests” error. I wish somebody here could help us.

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@ms-neil - yes sadly it seems there are several areas where the API does not support filtering effectively.

In the case of software, it would be really useful if the public api (api/v2/applications ) supported the same options as the undocumented endpoint used by the GUI (/api/_/applications) - i.e. ?filter=search&search_term=[search]


Whilst we’re making requests for the API - it would also be useful to

  • add filter options to the vendor, contracts and product endpoints,
  • add all (more) fields to the filter options for the requestor  endpoints - specifically external_id


One day perhaps...