security incident management

  • 17 June 2022
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Anyone using the product to manage specifically security incidents (breach, phishing, malware, etc)?

How did you customize Freshservice to track & handle those?

Looking for any info, KAs, tips etc


4 replies

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Great question @kprovost - security incident management is now one of the most common ESM use cases for ITSM tools but it will be interesting to know if this is when something is prebuilt (for all) rather than self-built.

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Hello @kprovost, We do a little bit of this as part of our incident management. I have created workflow automations that take our standard email notifications of Phishing attempts that are submitted via a Phishing tool that end users can click for suspect emails. That email notification is then routed to freshservice to create an incident, where based on the subject line of the ticket, workflow is triggered to route to a specific group, tasks are added to the ticket for agents, the ticket is categorized, etc.

Thats a single usecase where we have utilized freshservice for security management. Hope that helps!

Take care.

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@kprovost and Freshservice product peeps, this 2021 HDI chart I’ve just seen this afternoon is interesting: 

Given the fit of many infosec needs to existing ITSM ways or working, and technology enablement, it’s unsurprising :)


@zachary.king That is a very innovative way to use Freshservice for one important aspect of SIR. I’m impress how you were able to customize in depth and tailor your workflow to this specific type of incident. Well done. And thanks for sharing. I will definitely take some pointers.


Thanks @manns for sharing this chart, it’s encouraging to know that security is the top area. If ever you come across more information or a timeline, let me know!