Send approval email to email address provided on form

  • 27 January 2023
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Hi all!

We have a team where they want to send an approval request to a member of leadership team. This is not the Requester’s direct manager. We are thinking to have the requester provide the email address on the SR form. Is there a way to extract that email address to trigger the approval email in a workflow?

I’m sure we could do this with a custom object but we do not want to have something we have to manually maintain as people come & go in the company. Maybe someday we will have this information populated systematically but not right now.

I’m pretty new to using Freshservice so any guidance/input is appreciated. Thank you!

2 replies

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Hi Heather

Yes this is possible, quite straight forward you’ll be pleased to know…

Create your workflow and get to the point you need to send the approval mail. 

Then in an action box choose “send approval mail to”, the select the “Service Request Field” option, you can then select the service item and the relevant question you asked for the email. 

I have not done this with approvals, but i have done it where the business have provided an email address on the SR Form and i have then sent on a normal email to that address with information. don’t see why approvals will be different...


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I use both custom objects to pull business owner emails so the right person is asked for approvals or

In some cases I’ve hard coded an email address on that line.  My own, so if the manager or department head is out of office I can take the risk and approve the request to keep the process flowing.

I’ve also done the above as @afautley has done.  All will work just depends on your business flow.