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  • 21 September 2021
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Hello Team,

May I know if possible to disable / hide the “ All service Items”  option in the catalog? my requestors are really overwhelmed with all the service items. I want them to see them per category. Maybe if there is option not to select/ direct to  “all service items” once user visited the service catalog.







Best answer by Haripriya Seshadri 14 October 2021, 12:41

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6 replies

After months of asking for the same thing, someone at Freshworks helped me out with that! I don’t know how they did it, but I know that Freshdesk support can assist you. It makes it so much easier for users to only see each category versus the overwhelming view of all service items! 

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Please add the following code to the portal to hide All services and to direct it to a service category by default.
Pre-requisites: Fetch the URL of the landing category page. (click on the category to fetch the URL)
Example: /support/catalog/items?category_id=19000101426
Note: The category ID is unique for every account. Kindly do not use the example provided.


Add this code in Admin > Helpdesk Rebranding > Customize Portal > Stylesheet

#categories-list > li:nth-child(1){
visibility: hidden;

Add the following code in the layout and pages > Footer

<script> (card) {
   if (card.url == '/support/catalog/items') {
     card.url    = "<NEW URL>";
 jQuery("a[href='/support/catalog/items']").attr('href', '<NEW URL>');

Replace <NEW URL> with the Landing page URL (refer to the example above). 

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This is Great @Haripriya Seshadri Thank you for sharing!

Now, can we take it one step further to mitigate permission issues?  When in the Service Catalog, items can fall into 2 categories.  We would not want everyone to view them, but to give the ability for those groups to be able to view those would be extremely helpful and clean up our Service Catalog so much more.  Is there any way to accomplish this? 

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@Denise.S.P Yes, we would be able to configure the visibility of these service items based on the user groups. You’d need to configure this on each Item level. You can refer to the solution article below to understand how to configure this. 

How to Customize the Service Catalog based on User Groups

HI, how to hide the service catalog from everywhere?

I don’t need in my organization.. thanks 

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Hi @delsa do you want to not use the service catalog feature at all for both agents and requesters? In that case for end users we can remove the service catalog through customisation but agents would still see the same. Else you can look at our pricing and choose if the Starter plan meets your needs.