Service Catalog - default value/autopopulate variable values

  • 23 September 2021
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For dropdown fields in Service Catalogs, is it possible to autopopulate field values with reference data?

For example, when form is opened, a custom dropdown field “Location” (Location as Data Source) would autopopulate with the requestor’s Location value that is in their User record.

Additionally, can default values be given to variables?



3 replies

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You can setup custom dropdowns with source data. Defaulting to a value, I don't believe so.

You can set it up like this… On the service item add a drop down field and then select from data source.


Thanks for your reply @mmccoy!  Is there any way for filtering Locations data source? I’m aware that you can filter some of data sources to some extend.

This raises another question: for example, OOTB Asset data source can be filtered using Department, Location or Asset Type data. Is there a reasonable way to set up so that would rather use User/Requerster data?

A use case could be that while ordering a laptop, the Requester can select if it is an order to replace an existing laptop and then they could associate their old laptop to the request. 


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I like this thought process.  Helping to map out Asset tracking, and viewing what is installed on the current laptop to then install on the new laptop when it arrives (whenever that may be) would assist in this process.  We all know when we present the end user with fields to enter information in, they do not fill in the information.  We often end up cross referencing and adding in our own information in our tickets (but that is wasted time if the field were mapped).  Our Lansweeper tells us every detail but we have entered most information into this system already if it could at least cross reference the user and asset code unique to them.