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  • 24 December 2019
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Hi team,

Does anybody know if there is a way of disabling the images from showing in the service catalog? We don't use the images and by showing them on the catalog it only takes up space and makes it difficult to navigate. I have tried searching through CSS and customization but I don't know how to proceed.



4 replies

Just playing with it, you could add "div.profile_pic{display:none}" to your custom stylesheet to hide the images, but that still leaves a big empty area after the title, description, and button move up.  You could then adjust the height of the box from the default of 350px to something like 150px using "#catalog-container > .catalog-mainpage .items-container .catalog-items{height:100px;}".  I do not know how these affect other pages, but they currently work on the Service Catalog page.

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Hi Nissy

@Nick Thank you for the workaround.

Also, you could upload a dummy image to the items or by removing the class for image using jQuery(".profile_pic span").hide(); should also help you out.

Hi @Thushan

Sorry, but I am a newbie and I am a bit confused... where would the jquery statement go? the custom stylesheet only allows for css and the portal pages does not have any service catalog page.

Would it go in the portal layout?



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Hi Nissy,

This script could be used in portal home as a jQuery function. We understand you require some assistance with the customization. I'll have our support team to reach out to you and help you with your queries.