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  • 19 October 2022
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We use service desk for many items, staff can request access to software, IT accessories, and use it to list all items on-boarding needs for HR. But the catalog is a mess and just a collection of all items. I made new items like “IT Accessories” and linked all accessories under that item. But i cant get them to not show up on the main page and still show up under the new group.


Is there a way to make each item show up in select spots? The visible group wont work as it removes the view from everything.


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Hi @jbass007 - I found this amazingly helpful and VERY old article.  I use the OG portal layout, btw.

It allowed me to create a completely custom list of Service Items and Solutions to show on the main page of my FS portal.

Just update with your own URLs and names and away you go!

** quick warning - I found that URLs for Solution articles must have the full name in the path as here not just the article number in the URL in order for Contacts to be able to open the page from Home.


<!--- added by Bryn 18 Aug 2022 solution found here -->


  var custom_recent_items = {

    "services": [{

            name: "SR - Deprecate Devices",

            link: "/support/catalog/items/120"

        }, {

            name: "SR - Request New MSI ",

            link: "/support/catalog/items/121"

        }, ],

    "solutions": [{

            name: "Getting Started with CYDEF SMART-Monitor",

            link: "/support/solutions/articles/17000044487-e-guide-to-enrolling-computers-with-cydef-smart-monitor-managed-service"

        }, {

            name: "Current released SMART-Monitor installers for Mac and Windows",

            link: "/support/solutions/articles/17000004000-current-released-smart-monitor-agent-install-file"

        }, {

            name: "SMART-Monitor Minimum System Requirements",

            link: "/support/solutions/articles/17000003998-smart-monitor-minimum-system-requirements"

        }, {

            name: "SMART-Monitor PowerShell script for Bulk Deployment",

            link: "/support/solutions/articles/17000081632-smart-monitor-powershell-script-for-bulk-deployment"



    services_container = ".popular-services",

    solutions_container = ".popular-solutions";

function render_custom_list() {

    var custom_sr,


    jQuery(services_container).find("ul li").remove();

    jQuery(solutions_container).find("ul li").remove();

    jQuery.each(custom_recent_items["services"], function(_i, _e) {

        custom_sr = "<li><i class='icon-ticket pull-left'></i><a href='" + + "'><span class='pull-left text-ellipsis'>" + + "</span><span class='pull-right toggledisplay'>Request</span></a></li>";



    jQuery.each(custom_recent_items["solutions"], function(_i, _e) {

        custom_sol = "<li><i class='icon-file2'></i><span class='text-ellipsis'><a href='" + + "'>" + + "</a></span></li>";





</script>  <!---added by Bryn 18 Aug 2022 →


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And, IIRC, to tidy up which Service Items display to my fellow staff, I created a new Contact Group with 0 members and then planned to set all the Service Items that were part of Onboarding to only display for this Contact Group.

I have a vague recollection that there is a way to set the folder that will open when a Contact goes to the Services tab. But I can’t quite find it now.

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Ok - I remember now -- you have to add the folder ID number to the path - but consider whether everyone can access this folder

Layout & pages > Portal Pages > Portal Home

hmm not sure why I didn’t comment out the other line - LMAO!

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Hello @jbass007, if you are using the new support portal UI, you can reach out to freshservice support at and they can help you hide items from the main page of your service catalog.

We hide all items and only show the service categories that we want users to use when picking service items. This helps drive our users to picking our “Bundles” when making requests.

Here is an example

Hope that helps!

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Thank you all for the quick replies! I will reach out to the support team and let you all know!