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  • 25 August 2022
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Hi FreshService community,

Just wondering if anyone has come up with ways to ensure that a bundle item is selected when information in the fields are entered?

Too many times now we have requests come through from users who enter in the fields and submit the request without checking the box. It stands to reason that selecting the item and completing the form means the user is requesting that item.

Any help will be appreciated. Cheers!


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Hi @MichaelS24 we were experiencing the exact same thing. So what I did was create a workflow that checks to make sure that the service request contains any of our active “requested(service) items”. If the request does not contain any of the items, we send the user an email explaining they did not select an item and then close the ticket.

Here is just a snap shot of the conditional that we use to validate the request

Basically if the service request “Does not include” any item in this list then its considered “Empty” and we send the email and close the ticket.

Hope that helps :)