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  • 30 July 2015
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Howdy, I'm the Customer Service sergeant on the ground for a medium-sized software company and I had some questions about freshdesk functionality; I'm going to describe what I'd like to set up and then if you guys know if it's possible or not you could save me from leading myself down a primrose path towards a solution that doesn't exist.

I'm setting up a user feedback system that sends a web-filled comment to our freshdesk account via an aliased-email with a predefined Subject Line.

What I'd like to know is if it's possible to perform certain actions withing fresdesk automatically when a ticket comes in from a certain email and/or with a certain Subject Line ie. Assign it to a "feedback" account, put certain tags on it and set it's priority and status. That way we can just aggregate all the feedback instead of having a helpdesk tech have to do "inprocessing" for each by hand.

Thanks in advanced, (and let me know if this is in the wrong subforum)


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2 replies

Hey there William,

This sounds like you are looking to create a Dispatch'r rules.  Dispatch'r rules run against all new tickets being created.  It will take the email, see if it matches the criteria for the first rule, if not, move on to the second, until it matches (and stops running against the list) or until the list is exhausted and there is no action.

Some basic solutions for Dispatch'r there but I'd suggest you take a look at the admin section of your account.  Pretty straightforward.

I actually found that article shortly after submitting the ticket. Thanks for the help! You can go ahead and discard this.