Simplify time tracking less clicks - 30 minute increments.

For agents that don't need precise time tracking but need something simpler than a pop-up with manual time entry it would be great to have 15, 30 or 60 minute plus "+" or minus "-" buttons that simply adjust time per click. Something like this:

[ Time tracking ]

- 15 minutes +

- 30 minutes +

- 60 minutes +

Using a keyboard you could Tab to it and click left and right arrows.

The current system requires expanding the time track section ( 1 click ), clicking add time ( 1 click )  interacting with a pop up, manual entry of time ( 5 taps of keyboard ) then clicking 'save' ( 1 click ). Wouldn't it be better to have it directly under categories and all you need to press is + and - ?

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Bump on this! Just because a ticket was open for 3 days doesn't mean there was 3 days of effort there.  I also don't want my agents to have to input the minutia of their time tracking, just a general feeling of how much time was spent. We're not a call center, but having a general feel of where time is being spent is the primary purpose of FreshService for us.

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Agreed. The time tracking in FS needs a whole lot of work. I'd like it to be more like ConnectWise and have time entry available on the public and private notes. This way when entering a note you can enter the time spent at the same time.