Single Sign On (SSO) failure due to recent Windows Update

  • 17 July 2018
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Hello All

First time post on here, hoping someone can help.

Following Windows update to our server (Windows Server 2016) last week, we are unable to logon to Fresh Service.  We have not been able to use the service since Friday.  We are an organisation who like to stay updated with security updates.  None of our other systems or applications have been affected, just Fresh Service.  Our Fresh Service support person is saying it is due to Microsoft KB4340556 .NET.

We attempted to roll back but that broken the server.  Had to restore from a backup. 

Has anyone else experienced this?

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2 replies

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We got a confirmation from Microsoft that this issue is due to a .net Framework Security update. This update restricts HASH key generation and looks like they will roll out a Fix in upcoming updates. 

For the time being, we suggest uninstalling July 2018 .NET Framework Security Updates so that SSO connection can be established.

Please refer the Microsoft Support article for more info. 

Switching to SAML SSO is another option but that requires your portal to be SSL secured.