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  • 23 February 2021
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In the Workflow Automator, there is an action to skip new email notifications.  Is there a way to skip closed email notifications?  

8 replies

This is one feature we’d like to see as we transition to the FreshService from Spiceworks. We used the #mute function and the keyboard commands that are mentioned do not work “inside Workflow Automator”

You can close ticket via option on top of ticket while holding Shift. Ticket will be closed, but customer won’t get notification. This is the only option as far as I know.

@anze.zvanut That doesn’t address the request in this thread, to support the function inside the Workflow Automator.

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Just thinking about this one.  Could you create an Automator that says “If ticket status changes from ANY to CLOSED, then skip ticket notifications”?

turn off agent closes the ticket notification from settings--email notifications--requester notifications

that will stop sending  ticket closed notification to all the tickets

if you want to send them to some tickets, create an automation rule and set the action to send email to requester and copy the contents from the notification template to the automations.. voila! it only sends the notification to the tickets matching the automation!!!!

I do not want a closed notification to visit my employer's IT Help Desk once they email something to us.  It simply reopens their issue for my product page.

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Hi all,

We don’t have the functionality to skip ticket closed notifications within the workflow automator yet. However, you can disable closed notifications from Admin - Email notifications and set up workflows to send emails on ticket closure only when required by adding conditions.

Thank you all for your feedback. We’ll pass on your suggestions to our product team. 

Warm Regards,
Team Freshservice

I know this is an old thread, but thanks for the advise!

  1. I disabled the “Ticket solved” notification
  2. Created a requester group for our providers, with auto assignation using their domains.
  3. Setup a automation workflow “On change from any → Solved” - If requester is not member of the providers group - send mail. (Here I took the template from the “Ticket solved” notification.