Solarwinds Reset Condition is not resolving incidents in FS

  • 10 June 2022
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We have recently purchases fresh service product, when Solarwinds NPM  integrated with FS, based on the trigger condition, Solarwinds is forwarding event to FS for creation of auto incidents.


As per SolarWinds trigger action Event is converted into Incident in FS, when same reset action is triggered from SolarWinds, FS is not auto resolving the Created incident for same CI. Is there any additional settings we need to do it on FS.


2 replies

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@rashmi.nag Can we have this questioned moved under our Freshservice Topic area?

Hello @Ravendrababu, could you help clarify if you are having SolarWind send its alert via email to freshservice and creating an incident ticket? Or are you using Alert Management module to raise alerts from the Solarwind Event? And/Or when a SolarWind ticket is created you have a Workflow Automator running against that ticket?

Just need a little more information to help understand the issue you are having. 

Thank you!


Using alert Management via Trigger action. And defined basic workflow were to route incident to specific assignment group