sorting on the assets screen

  • 29 August 2016
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when sorting by Used By on the assets screen there are 2 dieffernt issues

1. when sorting alphabetically by name and first names are the same the last name doesnt appear to be looked at to finish the sort ie these do not appear in complete alphabettical order

John Litrio

John Jiang

John Stevens

John Neil Hester

2. if filtering via the search box and then sorting Used By you are sorting by first and last name so result look like this

Demetrius Adger ***

Aileen Smith

Alan Rubilar

Theodros Alemayehu ***

Alynne Landers

those marked with *** are sorted by last name not first name

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1 reply

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Hey Robert,

I am marking this topic Resolved as we were able to help you with the enhancement with Sorting in CMDB over a Ticket.