Spotlight #3 - How Placeholders (Attributes & Texts) Can Get the Job Done!

  • 20 November 2018
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During the time of crisis, every email that you send out to a requester should make them understand that you care about them. Now, think what a generic sounding email message would make a requester think about your service desk. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could add a personal touch to all the emails you send?

With placeholder (attributes & texts) you can get the problem sorted out in a jiffy. 

Confused much? Let me elaborate further as to how placeholder (attributes & texts) can come into play.

#1 Personalize your emails

With placeholders, don’t just send conventional emails rather add personal references (attributes) such as requester name or ticket URL to your mails to invoke the recipient’s attention and for a more personalized touch without much effort. 

To insert placeholders in your email template, navigate to Admin -> Email notifications -> Insert placeholders

You can also extend the usage of placeholders (texts) to your service catalog and add them as an input field below the label text to ensure users have a context and are not at crosswords while filling out a form field. 


#2 Format them right

There are different ways users can mention the date of purchase of an item in your service catalog, which can lead to confusion while the vendor fetches the information as both date and month can get mixed up. To avoid this confusion, a placeholder text can be used as a format(for eg: dd/mm/yy) in the form field.

#3 Give them enough context 

In most cases, it’s hard to tell from the label text (For eg: Get Approval From) what must be filled out in the form field. That’s where placeholder texts (For eg: Reporting manager email address) can help you give the exact context. 

To add placeholder texts to labels in your service catalog, navigate to Admin -> Service Catalog -> Custom fields.

Let us know in the comments section below as to how placeholders have made your day a whole lot better.

Until then see you next with yet another interesting tip! 

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2 replies

Using Workflow Automator, how do you add NOTE plateholder for a Change to go out in e-mail?

Userlevel 1

Hi Alan,

You can configure workflow and set an action to Send Email with the content and include the Placeholder for Notes {{note_body}} and this should send the note description based on the event configured on the Workflow.