Stop email notification when ticket is manually created by agent

  • 8 September 2021
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Hi there,

We use the automated email notification to inform a customer that a ticket is created when they email us. However, we often have situations where we contact the customer without them reaching out to us first. In these situations we manuelly create a ticket to start the contact.

Is there a way to prevent the email notification that a ticket was raised when the ticket was manually created by an agent and not raised by the customer themselves?

Thanks in advance!


1 reply

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Possibly, with some setup.

I would create a create a new source in your field manager “Technician” or “Manual”


Then in a workflow automation rule you can set two events... new ticket is raised and new incident is raised. Finally add a source from “ANY” to “Manual” and then an action of skip new ticket email notifications.


Haven’t tried it, just a thought.