System Access Child Tickets in Parent Form

  • 3 September 2021
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I have created a system access request form for our organization. In the request item, I have several child tickets linked, each of which are a specific application/site. A different individual fulfills the access requirements for each child ticket.

A manager opens the system access request form, then selects the application child tickets that they want to grant access for their employee.

I would like to know how to configure the workflow automator to send a copy of the child ticket via e-mail to the appropriate approver for each individual application. For instance, if child ticket 1 is selected, it e-mails John Smith the ticket URL so that he can fulfill the request. If child ticket 2 is selected, it e-mails Mary. If 1 and 2 are selected, it e-mails the corresponding ticket to both John and Mary.

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You could build a workflow automation rule for this. 


Event: Service Request Created

Conditions: Ticket fields.Source is not Employee Onboarding

Conditions: Ticket Fields.When a service category includes any “Enter Categories”
Action​​​: Send Approval Email To “”
Approved: Assign To Service Fulfillment Team

Rejected: Send Email With Rejection