Task Workflow Interact with Service Request/Ticket Workflow

  • 11 October 2022
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I am stuck on how to create a workflow that will contain tasks with conditions and approvals that rely on a custom field in a service request. 

How I would like it to work ideally: 

Person A places a service request and inputs a name in a custom SR field that contains all users. In a ticket Automator, the request will go through and a specific task is created for the SR. When the task is marked as completed, the approval request is sent to the custom field user. After the approval, the next task is put into the SR and the approval resets to be sent to that same custom field user when the task is once again marked as complete.


My issues so far:

I am unable to reference the custom SR field in a task Automator. I need a task Automator in order to say “when the task is complete, send the approval mail” 

When the approver approves of the task, the approval does not reset for the next task, therefore my workflow sort of breaks because each task needs to have an approval in order to progress. Currently the first approval progresses through almost the entire workflow. How do we reset the approval ? I am thinking this happens because the approval is sent in my ticket Automator, and not in my task Automator. But again, I cannot reference my custom SR field in order to implement the approval into my task Automator. 


Please help! I really appreciate it !!

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