Tasks In FreshServcie Tickets - External Task Communication

  • 21 September 2022
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Within an Incident, where we have an opportunity to create a task, enable the ability to engage involved parties who are not FreshService agents.


The mechanism could mirror the current workflow where a forwarded email from within FreshService returns as a “private note”, we may be able to enable (or make a parallel “tasking workflow” exclusively for external parties?) an ability to send task notes to external parties, and have their responses nest into the parent ticket as a “private note”.


I’ve seen similar workflow already utilized in the “Change” capabilities, so I don’t think it a departure from current capacity to use a “task” workflow which goes beyond simple task notifications, but allows external members (or our employees who are not FreshService agents, but otherwise use email to communicate) to interact with an Incident so that FreshService Agents can coordinate responses, discover details that may affect decisions, etc.


Thank you for your consideration.

1 reply


(this was to be a “suggestion” and not a question)