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  • 8 November 2021
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Has anyone had any issues in Teams with getting a message from the Freshservice bot saying “sorry I couldn’t recognize you as I was not able to find an email address to your account. Please consult your IT admin to fix the issue”?

9 replies

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Hi @mkeinath , please check if a requester record is present for that user in Freshservice


Yes, a requester record is present.

Hi @mkeinath How did you resolve this?

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I just started getting the same thing a few weeks ago but i think it might be due to the change of email domain that we are currently undertaking. Have lodged a ticket with Support as Azure AD and Freshservice has the updated email domain for the user but getting the same error as above.

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@mkeinath Could you please confirm if there are any alias email addresses associated with the user profile in your Office365? If there are alias email addresses the bot would not be able to recognize the user and the error is thrown. If you are still facing the issue can you share the list of users facing this issue on the support ticket raised so our support team can help you further on this?


I’m seeing this issue as well, I have aliases on my mailbox. However my colleague also has aliases on his mailbox and the ServiceBot works without any issues.

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I have also raised a support ticket due to this issue. We don’t have any indication as to what would have triggered the Service bot at the time the message was sent and the notification appeared in teams. Still waiting for a response from support regarding this issue.

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Hi ,


I believe you have integrated the ServiceBot for MS teams and you are facing an issue where the bot throws up an error message “sorry I couldn’t recognize you as I was not able to find an email address to your account. Please consult your IT admin to fix the issue”


So , this error occurs predominantly if there is an email mismatch between the email address of the user profile in Freshservice and the email address in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. Also, if the email addresses being used is an Alias Email address, then the servicebot will throw up the above error , as we do not support Alias emails at the moment. To check if the Servicebot has been setup for this user , In the personal scope of the user, please type 'INC-1'. If you get a sample ticket, then it means that the bot is set up for this user. If you do not receive any response, please reach out back to us with the screenshot of the error.




Make sure the “Primary email address” in the O365 admin center for the user is present and matches what’s in Freshservice. We had this issue and found that while the “Username” is the email address, if the “Primary email address” field doesn’t match the email address in Freshservice it cannot find the email address.