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I was wondering if it is just me or if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

I followed the instructions from this post:


However I am just left with word ‘Teamviwer’ on the ticket screen, and no actual widget itself.


Am not sure what I am missing, are you able to provide any assistance?


Kind Regards

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Yep, I just noticed its now all I am seeing as well on my tickets with the Teamviewer FreshPlug Integration.


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Hi James/Amin,

Could you please try replacing the plugin with the one attached here and let me know if it is working fine?

You would have to replace the token information at line no 210.


I get the following error with this new plugin

TeamViewer reports the below error: {"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"When using a company token the paramter groupid is required.","error_code":1}. Try fixing the error or Contact Support.

I get this error now

TeamViewer reports the below error: {"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"When using a company token the paramter groupid is required.","error_code":1}. Try fixing the error or Contact Support.

@Graeme are you still facing this issue, feel free to reach out, will be glad to assist you on the same.

Freshservice Support

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Hi there,

I tried out this FreshPlug/App and it works but the issue is that it only works for one agent. All prompts to connect come to my TeamViewer account (I generated the api key) and other agents that the ticket might belong to don't get assigned to the session. So this only works if you're a single Agent using Freshservice, if you have multiple agents no go. We also run in MSP mode so ideally we'd want a ticket assigned to Company A to be added to TeamViewer Group A and not all to one single group.

This is a start but a start that we can't use, would love to see it get to a point where it's useable.



We have multiple agents and are keen to implement the Teamviewer FreshPlug - has there been a resolution to Phil's problem?

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Hey Phil/Tracey,

We certainly understand your concern here and as this integration is built through Custom App(Freshplug) where we have the ability to only record the session of the Profile name from which the API key was derived.

I can only think of one alternative solution, you can generate the API based on a Profile registered on behalf of a Company and all session would be recorded on the companies name rather than the Agent's Email.

You can utilize this solution until we enhance this App.

Our Product team is also working on Marketplace App and I will have this passed these inputs and see if we can address this issue in the Marketplace app through which we would try to create a session for the Agent profile who initiates it rather using the account through which the Integration is authorized.

Hi Guys, we have rolled out the TeamViewer app on the Freshservice marketplace. You can install the app in your Freshservice instance by navigating to Admin -> Apps -> Get More Apps. 

For more information regarding the app, please visit here.

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Hi Sudipta,

I haven't installed it yet (we only have a production HD after all) so can you tell me if the issue of the API key is fixed? Can each Agent using the helpdesk register the app using their TeamViewer account so that TV sessions get started using their account and not the person who set it up in Freshservice? If it still works the way it used to then it only really works if you're a one person helpdesk. Thanks for any insight.

Hey Phil, with the TeamViewer app, we now authenticate using OAuth. Supporter link is generated per agent and will not be tagged to just the admin, unlike the previous app setup.

Please do give it a try and do let us know for any feedback @