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When I am creating Solution Articles, most of the time the text editor is nearly impossible to work with. The font will be fine for half or most of the article, and then the rest of it is completely different, even if I go in and edit the HTML directly. I have tried highlighting the entire article and making changes as well as highlighting individual paragraphs. Sometimes if there is bold and or italics in the paragraph, the formatting will stay fine right up to that, then forget it. We use the "Heading 2" and "Paragraph" for all of our articles with Verdana font, medium-sized, and black in color. Most of the time we also include images as they are mostly KB articles for employees. 

Does anyone else have this problem? Is there any way to get a better quality text editor? Other than this issue, we love the product, it's just so frustrating as I am the one migrating almost all of our articles from our old system to Freshservice.



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Jess Rodier, you are a wonderful person, thank you for sharing.

Hi Jess,

Thank you so much for your suggestions and workarounds. They've really improved the experience and customization capabilities for our portal.

I did have a question regarding how you implemented this code...did you use the HTML you've provided, inside of the 'Layout & Pages' area? Do I need to edit / remove any <div> or classes? And just to be sure, you used the CSS code for the 'Stylesheet', correct?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Noah, 

Glad I can be of assistance!

My apologies, I should have been a little more specific when posting that code! Yes, the HTML provided will go under 'Layout & Pages' in the 'Article View' section. You don't need to change much at all. Actually, if you just skim carefully through the code that is already there, you should find an existing "{{ article.body }}" somewhere within. To make the HTML provided even a little simpler, all you really need to do to get this working, is wrap it in the 'articlebody' class. What I mean by that is...


<div class="articlebody"> {{ article.body }} </div>

With the above code in the 'Article View' section, just copy and paste the CSS provided into the 'Stylesheet' anywhere you'd like, and it should do the trick!

Hope this helps, but don't hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions! 

If you or anyone are interested, I built my own theme for the portal (with this code included) and posted it online. It is in the FreshThemes Gallery, but it can also be found on GitHub for free use - https://github.com/shecodestoo/FS-Modern-Squirrel. There are screenshots there so you can see what the theme looks like before you install it. I would definitely recommend having a developer on hand if you do it, because it's very likely that there will be things you want to have tweaked to make it your own, as with any theme. 

Best of luck,