The Freshservice Ninja Challenge - Call for entries!

The Freshservice Ninja Challenge - Call for entries!
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Hey everyone!

We are excited to introduce the Freshservice Ninja Challenge, an initiative where we want you to share your Freshservice expertise. Inspired by @keefe.andrews and the wealth of knowledge our community members possess, we want to create a focused platform that facilitates sharing product expertise with the community!

What is the challenge all about?

We wanted to create a compelling platform for our members that eases the process of sharing, discovering and learning some of the innovative ways of using Freshservice. Imagine getting to learn innovative practices from so many Freshservice users. Now that’s something we are sure will open up innumerable possibilities.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has used Freshservice - our IT Service Management tool, at any capacity within their organization or for their business.

How to be a part?

  • Share how you are creatively using workflows to enhance Freshservice at your organization and post  in the comments section. For inspiration, check out Keefe’s post 

  • Here are some prompts to get you started - 

    • Short overview of the workflow

    • What were you looking to solve 

    • How did you go about doing it?

    • Insights on what you were able to achieve

    • Advice to the community based on your experience

  • Be creative  - text 🧾, screenshots🖥, videos📽, illustrations🎨, podcasts 🔊 or postcards 📪. Choose any format that works for you.

  • There is no limit to the number of words or length of your post as long as it’s complete and meaningful.

  • If you want to share more than one amazing idea💡, we’d recommend you share each separately within this thread.

  • Don’t hold back!!! We want to hear all about the unique ways that you use Freshservice in your daily life - the more arcane, the better!

What do participants get?

  • Opportunity to be recognized as a key Refresh Community Contributor 

  • A chance to virtually interact with the Refresh Community team and the Freshservice team over a cup of coffee/ tea

  • Take your story to the world: Have your Freshservice experience compiled into an e-book 

  • Learn and collaborate with other contributors and transform the way you use Freshservice

  • Unveil the Freshservice Ninja Badge

What else can participants/ non-participants do?

  • Nominate potential participants

  • Help spread the word

  • Share your insights

  • Encourage other contributors by liking, commenting on their posts
 Bracing ourselves to meet our Freshservice Ninjas in action! :sunglasses: 

Accepting contributions till April 30, 2022

Ready, set, post post post!!!!!!

Watch out for more information/ updates about the challenge in the comments section. Subscribe to this post to stay notified.

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@rashmi.nag - Can this challenge/workflow sharing be done for freshdesk too? Appreciate it’s not as powerful as freshservice but curious to see how other MSP’s and other businesses in general are utilising freshdesk with workflows/automations that we may not have thought of!

@Jerome.Haynes - Just wanted to let you know that we heard you and we have a similar one for Freshdesk that I thought you’d be interested in checking out :)